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No problems Green Tea Matcha Flavor Kit Kat Pack- Nestle Japan 12/23/2018
Never received my order, contacted the seller, never get response, had to call paypal to get refund. Cocoa Cigarette Candy- Japan Interesting Candy 08/17/2018
very happy with it! Takoyaki Flavor Crunchy Snack- Japan Corn Snacks 07/31/2018
Really good product, and arrived very well packaged. I will order from them again. Cocoa Cigarette Candy- Japan Interesting Candy 07/10/2018
Great pair! Kawaii Panties Women Surprise Set (Medium Size: 5 06/21/2018
Took a while to arrive but that was to be expected. My colleagues enjoyed the surprise treats. Green Tea Matcha Kit Kat and Tirol Chocolate Drink 06/07/2018
Great service, great person, thanks Kawaii Surprises Japan, will definitely purchase again Calbee Cheese Pizza Potato Chips- Japan Snacks 05/24/2018
Very good, and received quickly. Thank you! Cheetos Barbecue BBQ Flavor- Japan Snacks and Cand, etc. 04/24/2018
Where is my order? Sakura Floral Print Scented Toilet Paper (Cherry B 03/03/2018
Would buy from again Umaibo Corn Snack Assorted Flavors Surprise Set: A 01/11/2018
Very easy to use Nestle Kit Kat Chocolate Christmas Gift Set (Assor 12/19/2017
Lovely order. It arrived safely packaged and in good condition. Would definitely recommend. Halloween Surprise Goodie Bags (Small): Full of Ca, etc. 11/03/2017
. Umaibo Corn Snack Assorted Flavors Surprise Set: A 11/03/2017
I wish I had been notified of the order being filled and shipped and when approx. to expect delivery Hello Kitty Print Strawberry Scented Toilet Paper- 11/02/2017
Food product expired 2 years ago Black Thunder Chocolate Cocoa Cookie Bar- Japan Ca 09/18/2017
Was worried about the lack of delivery date but the order came through quickly! Excellent, thanks! Peach Bubble Gum with Surprise Center- Japan Candy 07/18/2017
Fast and good condition Kit Kat Bars Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted Fla 07/12/2017
Beautifully packaged and arrived sooner than expected. Will definitely be buying from here again! Little Twin Stars Notebook- Sanrio Stationery 05/13/2017
This merchandise has not yet been delivered. I'm still waiting. Peach Scented Toilet Paper (Pink)- Bathroom Goods 11/29/2016
The item came earlier than I had expected, and the transaction was easy and quick. Disney Tsum Tsum Can Badge Collection Mystery Set- 11/21/2016
great! well packaged, nothing missing or damaged, organised and efficient service :) Mogimogi Fruit Gummy- Japan Candy, etc. 10/13/2016
It arrived when I expected it to, and there was even a bonus goody along with my order. :D Matsuyama Namaiki Beer (DIY Fake Beer Tablet Drink 09/18/2016
Great product good value for money Matomaru Easy to Clean Eraser Set (Cola Scented)- 02/01/2016
They came within the time frame of shipping and I can't wait to try them! Tirol Chocolate Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted 01/02/2016
My item hasn't been delivered yet. I've been waiting so patiently. Can you get back to me about this Glico Heart Shaped Strawberry Pocky- Japan Candy 12/30/2015
Very nicely packaged. Disney Tsum Tsum Surprise Squishy Mascot Solo Bo 12/18/2015
Fantastic genuine Japanese chocolates to make an alternative 'Selection Box' as Christmas present Crunch and Aero Chocolate Surprise Goodie Bag Set:, etc. 12/09/2015
Wonderful tissues! Great to use and to give as gifts!:) Sugar Bunnies Vanilla Scented Character Print Pock, etc. 10/15/2015
I didn't know when I'd get my order, but I'm very happy! The small gift is well received. Thank you! Green Tea Matcha Flavor Kit Kat Pack- Nestle Japan, etc. 10/05/2015
All of my things were delivered a lil later in the delivery time frame but everything was awesome!! Kit Kat Bars Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted Fla, etc. 09/17/2015
All was as described, arrived quickly, and even the chocolate arrived safely (in the Texas heat!). Baby Star Ramen Snack (Chicken)- Japan Snacks, etc. 08/27/2015
None Hello Kitty Pocket Tissue- Sanrio Stuff 08/07/2015
The chocolate had melted but that is to be expected because we are so far away! Apple Pie Easter Kit Kat Pack- Japan Candy Nestle, etc. 07/01/2015
Everything is so perfect! One Piece Anime Chewing Gum Pack- Japan Candy, etc. 06/19/2015
Fast shipment! The free candy treat was really nice. Will definitely buy from again. Mango Flavor Mochi Candy- Japan Candy, etc. 06/17/2015
Delicious and informative! Thank you! Japan Assorted Candy and Snacks Pack 05/22/2015
My daughter liked it, but it took way too long to get there! Hello Kitty Print Strawberry Scented Toilet Paper- 05/22/2015
I ordered this candy for my child. And even though it took a long time (like 3 wks) it was great. Cherry Flavor Mochi Candy- Japan Candy, etc. 04/20/2015
Fast Services. Itadaki Shoyu Nama Ramen Instant Noodles Pack - Ja, etc. 04/02/2015
Fast services. Dole Mango Juice Gummy- Japan Candy, etc. 04/02/2015
I loved every thing I got from this! When I have the money I would love to buy more things! Kit Kat Bars Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted Fla, etc. 03/04/2015
Thank you...exactly as ordered and very quick....children enjoyed trying some new kitkat flavors Kit Kat Bars Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted Fla 02/22/2015
Great packaged niceley will defeniteley buy from this seller again!!! Umaibo Snack Stick (Salt Flavor)- Japan Snack, etc. 02/11/2015
Thank you very much for making sure I received it before the holidays. Very fast shipping. Kit Kat Bars Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted Fla, etc. 12/03/2014
So far so good. Kit Kat Bars Surprise Goodie Bag Set: Assorted Fla 11/27/2014
The package looked good and not too damaged. It came in only a week and a half :) Panda Pocky Cookies and Cream- Japan Candy 10/24/2014
Very happy with seller and purchase! Look Milk Chocolate Assort- Japan Candy, etc. 10/11/2014
I'm glad they had the item I was looking for at a reasonable price. From Japan, so it's authentic. Green Tea (Matcha) Flavor Kit Kat Pack- Japan Cand 08/31/2014
Fast shipping, surprised the biscuits weren't crushed and so delicious! Thank you :D Oreo Matcha Green Tea Cream Bits Cookies- Japan Sn 08/25/2014
5/5! Great products! Took a while to come, but it was sent half way around the world! :) Thank you! Green Tea (Matcha) Flavor Kit Kat Pack- Japan Cand 08/19/2014
I am extremely happy with everything speedy delivery items I look forward in working with you again. Cocoa Cigarette Candy- Japan Interesting Candy, etc. 08/08/2014
came fast and wrapped all nice, neat, and kawaii! Can't wait to place another order! Baked Pudding Chocolate Kit Kat Pack- Japan Candy, etc. 07/14/2014
My purchases arrived very quickly and were great! Umaibo Japan Snack Stick- Chicken Curry Flavor, etc. 07/07/2014
quick delivery, well packaged. Japanese Chopsticks with Red Cherry Blossoms - Jap 06/25/2014
Fast and easy! Umaibo Japan Snack Stick- Chocolate Flavor, etc. 06/19/2014
Transaction was great. Thank you for the wonderful package. Everything was shipped perfect. Kawaii Bento Sticker Sheet- Japan Stationery, etc. 05/25/2014
Happy with my purchases from Kawaii Surprises, reasonably priced and order arrived with 2 weeks :) Cute Melody Earphone Cord Winder-sanrio stuff, etc. 05/13/2014
They are really amazing. They have terrific communication. I definitely will be ordering again. Sequoia Chocolate Wafer Bar- Japan Candy, etc. 04/08/2014
Absolutely the best merchant I have ever dealt with. I am going to order from them again and again. Glico Heart Caramel with Star Wars Key Chain- Japa 02/23/2014
Very good! Cheetos Barbecue BBQ Flavor- Japan Snacks and Cand 02/20/2014